Thursday, December 16, 2004

Tuesday in USA Today.


There was a big article on Nickelodeon's cartoons in Tuesday's USA Today. Modestly, here's the section where I was quoted.

'The [Nickelodeon Animation Studio] reinforces a "creator-driven" program strategy of cultivating animators, as those in supporting positions on one show might later create and produce another.

Butch Hartman (OddParents and Danny Phantom) and Rob Renzetti (Teenage Robot) plied their craft on Fred Seibert's Oh Yeah! Cartoons.

"All that wonderful and successful work begets more of it," says Seibert, who also oversees the Nicktoons festival.

The cartoon veteran credits other networks and studios, too, for contributing to an animation renaissance but says Nickelodeon is in the vanguard: "Without Nick, there wouldn't be this new golden age."'


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