Tuesday, April 05, 2005

It's official.

Oh Yeah! & Random! Cartoons Poster


Blogger micketymoc said...

Hey Fred,

longtime viewer, first-time poster. I was wondering: would you accept ideas from outside the U.S.? I guess I'm asking this question for the sake of us broke creative-ish type folks in Southeast Asia who probably have a couple of ideas to toss, but no money to spend for a plane ticket to LA to make the pitch.

12:00 AM  
Blogger Fred Seibert said...


I'm sorry I didn't reply, but for some reason there wasn't a prompt at my email about your question.

Anyway, we'd be glad to take your pitch, no need to travel. Please take a look at our requirements, since we don't want to disappoint: http://www.frederator.com/ohyeahseason4.php

You can email our development colleague, Melissa Wolfe at hey@frederator.kz.

Good luck.

11:18 PM  

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