Sunday, June 19, 2005

Oh Yeah! Hiroshi Chida & Shuzo John Shiota.

Shuzo John Shiota is the Executive Producer & President, and Hiroshi Chida is an award winning director, at Polygon Pictures in Japan. Polygon is a 25 year-old CG animation house based in Tokyo; they've done everything from commercials to TV shows to feature films. They've pitched Oh Yeah! Cartoons the very funny Boneheads.

Thanks to Shuzo for his very kind permission to post these frames from Boneheads.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, They already have a couple of 3D pics on their website of theses characters, i suggest you seriously get involved with suggestions on their art direction and character designs, they're not very appealing or well designed....FRED!! PLEASE, Oh Yeah! is the best concept show on, reign those weiners in. Of Course creator driven is important but it's nice that when the show is going to self destructs on story, music, art direction, at the least least it would be nice to have main characters to look at, that dont make you want to turn the channel based on the characters alone, at least have em read from across the room. Oh!!!!! one more thing, Please no more John K. or David Feiss imitators. Please!!!!!!
Take care-

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Teddy said...

I checked out their website, Yeah the cg designs for these are ummmm, pretty uappealing, they look kinda dated. but the boards look cool, who knows maybe they'll mix it up. I agree know more John K. or Feiss imitators whats the point, would would put on a powerpuff girls, rip-off? Anyway, maybe it will give those people a reason to find their own more inspired by style rather so, living in someone else's head. It's kinda weird how do make an original choice when you're always referencing what someone else would draw or do. Good luck-Hope this season kicks butt.

5:56 PM  
Blogger da_shooz said...

Sorry for the confusion.
The images on the Web are for what was intented to be but not really was "Bone Heads". They are actually called "Groove Genjin", now a completely different character lineup.
The REAL "BoneHeads" is yet to be posted, and much more funkier in design. Stay tuned...

7:44 AM  

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