Sunday, April 10, 2005

Jazzbos, Bluesmen & Mexico. Postcards, Series 5.

pc 2.1
We've had so much news lately, I've lost track of our latest postcard mailings.

So who's the better artist, Miles Thompson (left and right) or Jorge Gutierrez (middle)? What a ridiculous question! They're both amazing. (Miles' portraits of Elmore James and Louis Armstrong are from my collection. Miles did one cartoon with us at Cartoon Network's What A Cartoon! and two at Nick's Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Jorge's is from the Frederator 2003 New Year's poster. I'm trying hard to get him to do something with Frederator. But he's too successful for us.)

As you know, each one of our limited edition postcards goes to 200 folks on our mailing list.

Click here to see all our Frederator card series from the past seven years.


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