Wednesday, December 22, 2004

NASA. Postcards, Series 5.

pc 8

In 1977 my mentor Dale Pon let me in a fantastic secret: Some of history's most spectacular images, the NASA photos from space, were available to any American at the Library of Congress. For FREE.

Starting with the now famous astronaut planting the MTV flag on the moon (and the model for the 'moonman' statue for the Video Music Awards) I've been able to take wonderful advantage of this taxpayer opportunity.

And you too can find this high resolution photography at the NASA website for any reasonable use you might have.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The winners are coming...soon.

logo.nicktoons ff WITH GUY pink

The judges are deciding the winner of The Nicktoons Film Festival as we speak; and Eric Homan, Rita Street and I are screening for our Producer's Prize.

My friends. Postcards, Series 5.

pc 7

Most people are going to confused getting these cards from a cartoon studio.

When I first figured out Photoshop I started rummaging around looking for source material to play with. These childhood pictures of my sister and our neighbors stood out as some of my favorites, because we're still lucky enough to be great friends.

The one on the left is Susie & Frank Olinsky, me, and my sister Leni having a picnic lunch. Aside from our lifelong affection, Frank and I have had the luck do some special work together (Frank and his partners designed the world-famous MTV logo). And on the right are our other next door neighbors: Lisa Fenton, me, Hazel Dunnigan, Leni, William Dunnigan, and Lori Fenton (the photo is courtesy of Will). Will and Hazel run the printing company that actually produced this postcard series; Lisa's a pharmacist and Lori's in retail outside San Diego. We all see each other occaisionally (Leni, Lisa, and Hazel travelled to Paris together recently), but not often enough.

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