Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My heroes. Postcards, Series 5.

pc 2.5
pc 2.6
It's postcard time again! The bottom one's pretty obvious; as you probably know, we're taking pitches for 39 new shorts for the fourth season of Oh Yeah! Cartoons.

The other two? Well, frankly, they're indulgences of a nostalgic, sentimental producer.

The top one is my grandfather, Pancho Nakashev, pharmacist, linguist, nationalist, inventor. It's been said from him I got my eyebrows and entrepreneurial spirit. The other, American Gothic in the 50s, is my parents posing in their Long Island pharmacy for a magazine article (hence, the photographer posing my dad in a goofy smock he really disliked). From them comes a love of hard work, fair play, and creativity. Thanks everyone, I love you.

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Jim Flora.

I'd to point out the fantastic classic art of one James Flora.

As is often the case with things visual, I knew Flora's work because it was in my molecules, in the air, rather than in my head. Then, my colleague Tim Biskup* came to work on my show Oh Yeah! Cartoons as a creator, background designer and (fantastic) painter, and started bringing in truckloads of his LP collection for reference and inspiration. He politely exported his passion and excitement for Jim's work, and, me being me, I became a huge fan. Being a huge jazz fan too didn't hurt. And somehow, it's fitting to me that on my page, Tim's books come up when I search Flora.)

*Check out the fantastic postcard Tim painted for us at Oh Yeah! And, his own cartoon, too.