Monday, July 11, 2005

Moving our blog.
Bye Bye Blogspot.

So, it's come to this.

Nothing serious, but we're moving The Frederator Studios Blog onto our home site (and, for a while, we'll be calling it The Frederator Studios Blog 2.0). And after the production blogs our colleagues have set up for My Life as a Teenage Robot and Wubby, Widget, & Walden, we've become so blog smitten, we're starting up a major effort for Oh Yeah! Cartoons.

Today (July 11, 2005) is the first day of production on the first of 39 short cartoons we're producing for Nickelodeon in the 4th season of Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Congratulations to Kyle Carrozza who's starting his first commercial cartoon, MooBeard, the Cow Pirate.

Aside from our excitement for Kyle (and for us; we're lucky enough he's creating his cartoon at Frederator), he's also the first of the Oh Yeah! creators to be beginning a full production blog of the entire experience of making his short. As each the creators comes on board over the next six months or so, each of them will begin his/her own blog. You'll be able to follow along with first timers and veterans alike, getting an insight to their thrills and anxieties, and probably the evolution of each of the films. If the Roblog and the Wubblog are any indication, each of them should be an enjoyable entertainment.

Anyhow, please join us from now on at the new home of The Frederator Studio Blog. Read along, keep leaving us your great comments, and hopefully, enjoy our ride.