Wednesday, March 09, 2005

ChalkZone. Postcards, Series 5.

pc 14
ChalkZone was the first short greenlit for Oh Yeah! Cartoons, in early 1997. Albie Hecht, the President of Nickelodeon Filmed Entertainment, loved it, and so it was the first Oh Yeah! spin-off series that went into production, in 1999. I feel particularly great about this show because it was created by two of my favorite people. On top of that, CZ was their first cartoon creation ever, pretty amazing, since they'd been at their respective careers for for almost 25 years before the show.

Bill Burnett and I have worked together since 1985, when Bill was writing for my ad agency in NY; he came with me to Hanna-Barbera in '93. In addition to CZ, Bill created 6 more shorts for us. Larry Huber started working in cartoons in the late 60s, and he and I hooked up in 1992 at HB. Larry has been executive producer on both of my shorts programs (World Premiere Toons/What A Cartoon! and Oh Yeah! Cartoons), overseeing the production of 100 shorts, including the original films that spawned Dexter's Laboratory, Cow & Chicken, Johnny Bravo, I.M.Weasel, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Fairly Oddparents, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Super Santa, The Powerpuff Girls, and, of course, ChalkZone.

And I love the Hieronymus Bosch inspired ChalkZone painting by Frank Rocco, BoschZone (on the right at the top of this post).

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